is cel la neous func tion sec tion of this chapter

is cel la neous func tion sec tion of this chap ter

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Vacant or Empty Variables

busbar Machine

In many cases, a vari able may also be un de fined In this case, the vari able is ‘de fined’ as #0,

which iden ti fies a null vari able (null state) A null vari able has no value, it is va cant It can be read, but it can not be writ ten to – these types of vari ables are of ten called the read-only vari ables

busbar Machine

For ex am ple,

busbar Machine

busbar Machine

busbar Machine

#500 = #0

Assigns a null value to variable #500

#33 = #0

Assigns a null value to variable #33

#1 = #33 + #500

#1 will add 0 to a 0 and return 0

The sec tion de scrib ing various arith me tic func tions in this chap ter also de scribes han dling of va –

cant vari ables in cal cu la tions A null vari able is also called a va cant or an empty vari able In a macro, cer tain rules hydraulic busbar cutter hole punching machine of va cancy ap ply It is important to know the re turn value of a vari able, drilling steel when

va cancy is in ef fect

Do not confuse a vacant variable with a variable that has a zero value !

#101 = 0

Variable #101 has a zero value – stored value is 0 !

#102 = #0

Variable #102 is vacant (empty) – no value !

Using these two vari ables as stored, look at the stored val ues of vari ables that use them:

#1 = #101

Variable #1 has a zero value – stored value is 0 !

#2 = #102

Variable #2 is vacant (empty) – no value !

More com plex ap pli ca tions in clude axis mo tion com mands, math func tions and con di tional ex –

pres sions These are the three con di tions to watch for in terms of va cancy rules – they re late to the:


Addresses for axis motion command


Mathematical operations


Conditional expressions

Only the first two con di tions are ex plained in this chap ter, the last one is de scribed in the chap –

ter on branch ing and loop ing

Axis Motion Commands and Null Variables

If an un de fined vari able is ref er enced, the vari able is ig nored dur ing pro cess ing of tool mo tion,

Value of defined variable assigned

Value of defined variable assigned

A string of def i ni tions will de fine a range of a se quen tial vari able, when the start ing vari able is

spec i fied:


Variable names defined, starting with 500

#500 = 6

Value of the starting variable PROBEDIA defined

#501 = 780

Value of the next variable HOLEDIA defined

#502 = 3000

Value of the next variable XPOS defined

#503 = 2500

Value of the next variable YPOS defined

This sec tion is only in cluded here to pro vide ad di tional in for ma tion, not nec es sar ily as a tool for

ev ery day macro work Us age of the Busway Press Clamp Machine SETVN func tion in mac ros is not com mon

Protection of Common Variables

Com mon vari ables #500 to #627, for Fanuc 10/11/15 only, can be pro tected from any data in –

put Typically, the set value to be pro tected is in put first, while the vari able is not pro tected – then

the vari able or vari ables can be protected by set ting custom processing machine two sys tem pa ram e ters:

Parameter 7031

The first variable to protect

(input is 0 to 127)

Parameter 7032

The number of variables to protect

(input is 0 to 127)

2 Example:

Fanuc 15 con trol pa ram e ter 7031 is set to 11, while pa ram e ter 7032 is set to 5 – then :

Vari ables #511, #512, #513, #514, and #515 will be pro tected from data in put, such as copy ing, ed it ing, de let ing, etc

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Up to now, the macro re lated sub jects cov ered macro struc ture, lo cal and com mon vari ables

(sys tem vari ables are still to come), and as sign ing vari ables Fanuc Cus tom Mac ros sup port a va –

ri ety of spe cial func tions that can be used in the body of a best mill drill macro and some even in the body of the

main pro gram or subprogram These func tions are typ i cally as so ci ated with math e mat i cal cal cu la –

tions, log i cal op er a tions, con ver sions, and var i ous for mu las All together, they form a very strong

group of macro pro gram

once or many times

once or many times

This pro cess is called ‘ref er enc ing’ a vari able

Referencing Variables

Ref er encing a vari able means re plac ing the vari able num ber with the pre vi ously stored data

value For ex am ple, in copper busbar bending machine one of the ear lier ex am ples, the cut ting feedrate value was stored into the

vari able #9:

#9 = 2250

Assigns the value of 2250 to variable #9

In the pro gram, the feedrate was called as a nor mal punch machine for Head CNC word, by re fer ring the vari able to the

F-ad dress but writ ing it as F#9 A lo cal vari able not avail able as a let ter in the As sign ment List (1

or 2) can only be ref er enced in the pro gram body:

#33 = 1

Assigns the value of 1 to variable #33

In the pro gram, the new vari able can be used by it self or in an ex pres sion:

WHILE [#33 LE 6] DO1

Repeat a loop as long as condition [#33 LE 6] is true

The vari able #33 is not as so ci ated with any let ter; in the ex am copper busbar bending machine ple, it is used as a coun ter It is

used for eval u at ing the pro gram flow, in a con di tional state ment – [#33 LE 6] is the con di tion

This sub ject will be cov ered in Chap ter 13

Not all val ues have to be pos i tive Neg a tive def i ni tions and ref er ences are very im por tant in

mac ros, and many er rors are of ten caused by an in cor rect ref er enc ing Watch the dif fer ence in the

fol low ing ex am ples – the ob jec tive is to pro gram the Z-depth as Z-1275, us ing vari able data:

#26 = 1275

Assigns the positive value (1275) to variable #26

In the pro gram, the Z-depth must be pro grammed as Z-#26 The called vari able must be neg a –

tive! Can the def i ni tion it self be neg a tive? Yes, it can:

#26 = -1275

Assigns the negative value (-1275) to variable #26

In the pro gram, the Z-depth must be pro grammed as Z#26 The called vari able must be pos i –


There is a way to al ways guar an tee that the re quired value will be neg a tive, re gard less whether

the in put value is pos i tive or neg a tive It uses the macro func tion ABS – ab so lute value of a num –

ber, ex plained in the m

ranges for local and common variables used in macros

 ranges for local and common variables used in macros are:

Input of zero


Negative input

-1047 to -10-29

Positive input

10-29 to 1047

An out-of-range in put, or an in valid out-of-range re sult of a cal cu la tion, will al ways re sult in an

alarm con di tion For ex am ple, alarm No111 is gen er ated on Fanuc 16/18/21 con trols, in case of

out-of-range value

Out-of-Range Values

If the row of as ter isks, for ex am ple, ********, ap pears in the vari able data dis play on the

con trol screen, it in di cates an out-of-range value, ei ther as an over flow or an un der flow value of the in put data or cal cu la Busway Press Clamp Machine tion This un wanted re sult is usu ally caused by an in cor rect for mula, typ –

ing er ror or some other cal cu hydraulic busbar cutter hole punching machine la tion in put

Def i ni tions of both over flow and un der flow con di tions can be eas ily de fined:

OVERFLOW value is defined

when the absolute value of the variable

is greater than 999999990

UNDERFLOW value is defined

when the absolute value of the variable

is less than 00000001

Cal cu la tor Analogy

Over flow and un der flow sit u a tions oc cur ring in macro ex e cu tion can be com pared to er rors

gen er ated by most sci en tific cal cu la tors For ex am ple, when at tempt ing to cal cu late the tan gent value of a ninety de gree an gle – entering TAN90 or 90TAN (tan gent of ninety de grees) will re –

sult in er ror (cor rect keyboarding is assumed)

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Chapter 8

Set Variable Name Function SETVN

On the some con trols, for ex am ple the Fanuc 15, com mon vari ables of the 500+ range can be

set to a com mon name, up to eight char ac ters long This is a very con ve nient re minder that these

are spe cial vari ables, usu ally per ma nent, and should not be tam pered with

The func tion avail able for this pur pose is called SETVN (Set Vari able Name), and can be used

with a sin gle vari able or a range of vari ables:


Variable name defined f

ming tools

ming tools

Function Groups

Sev eral macro ex am ples have been pre sented in the pre vi ous chap ters In this chap ter, the sub –

ject of func tions will be cov ered in great de tail, in clud ing ex am ples of their us age

Fanuc CNC sys tem (in the macro mode) can per form many arith me tic, al ge braic, trig o no met –

ric, mis cel la neous, and log i cal cal cu la tions on ex ist ing vari ables, us ing var i ous for mula for mats and con ver sions For mac ros, the CNC pro gram mer has a com plete con trol In the def i ni tion for –

mat of vari ables, the ex pres sion at the right side of the equal sign (=) may con tain Busway Press Clamp Machine con stants and

var i ous com bined op er a tions There are some re stric tions and lim i ta tions men tioned through out

the hand book, but over all, the sub ject of func tions adds a very drilling steel pow er ful and de sired tool to macro


Macro func tions can be sep a rated into groups, to make their un der stand ing and us age eas ier to

learn When view ing the var i ous set tings of ac tive vari ables on the con trol dis play screen, it is not

un usual to see data with many lead ing and trail ing ze ros This ap pear ance is all part of the dis play

only – the ze ros are of ten not writ ten in the macro pro gram

In all ex am ples, the lead ing and trail ing ze ros are ig nored, un less they are spe cif i cally re quired

The avail able macro func tions can be di vided into six groups:


ARITHMETIC functions




ROUNDING functions




LOGICAL functions and operations


CONVERSION functions


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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 9

Definition of Variables Revisited

The lo cal vari ables can be de Hydraulic punching machines fined in the macro call G65 or G66, or in the main pro gram it self

The com mon vari ables can only be de fined in the body of the pro gram, ei ther in the main pro –

gram, or in the macro Typically, the vari able is de fined first, and used later,

Leakage Cause of Hydraulic System and Its Solution

Hydraulic system, the leakage of product quality, must be considered. Such as hydraulic cylinders, a serious leak will not only pollute the environment around the equipment, but also lead to lower working chamber pressure of the hydraulic cylinder, the hydraulic cylinder CNC Angle Punching Machine can not work properly. To adopt more advanced methods to effectively prevent leakage, the hydraulic system to achieve “zero leakage” is the hydraulic industry over the years has always been the pursuit of the goal. In addition, the accurate analysis of hydraulic system leakage caused by the initial cause, can help us to eliminate the leakage of hydraulic system failure. As a mechanical students, we through the “hydraulic and pneumatic drive” course of study and access to relevant information, combined with their own professional training, engineering training and daily life in the seen and thought, to common leakage problems, analysis of the hydraulic The form and cause of the leakage of the transmission, and puts forward the measures to control the leakage.
Relative to the mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission is a new technology, originated in 1654 Pascal proposed static pressure transmission principle. It is a kind of transmission form in which the liquid is the working medium and the energy is transmitted by the energy conversion device. Hydraulic transmission can have the following advantages: ① working fluid can be piped to any location; ② the implementation of the arrangement of components from position constraints, with the connection of the tubing can be easily and flexibly arranged transmission; ③ hydraulic drive can be the original motive of the rotary motion ⑤ The load control, the speed control as well as the direction control are easy to realize, also is easy to carry on the centralized control, the remote control and the automatic control; ⑥ the hydraulic transmission is smooth without vibration; ⑦ has the good lubrication Conditions can improve the reliability of hydraulic components and service life; ⑧ hydraulic components conducive to the realization of standardization Angle Steel Punching Machine, serialization and generalization. Therefore, the hydraulic transmission in the various sectors of the national economy has been widely used.
But the hydraulic drive there are some shortcomings: ① the existence of liquid flow resistance loss, oil leakage and mechanical friction, so the efficiency is low; ② the control temperature is higher; ③ due to the work of liquid leakage and compressibility, Hydraulic system, the poor rigidity of the hydraulic system can not guarantee a strict transmission ratio; ④ the use of working liquid maintenance requirements are very strict; ⑤ high cost of hydraulic components; ⑥ hydraulic system failure to determine and deal with the difficult requirements of the technical level of the staff And higher professional knowledge. The leakage of working fluid has been an inevitable problem, and its solution is also one of the focuses of all walks of life.

drilling metal machine

Leakage form
Leakage can be divided into internal and external leakage leakage. External leakage mainly refers to the leakage of hydraulic oil from the system to the environment, resulting in the hydraulic system of hydraulic piping, hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic pumps (hydraulic motors) external leakage is due to high and low pressure side of the pressure difference Such as the leakage of oil from the high pressure chamber to the low pressure  custom processing machine chamber in the hydraulic transmission; the leakage from the pressure channel of the directional control valve to the oil return channel, and the like, which causes the hydraulic oil to flow from the high pressure side to the low pressure side inside the system. Leakage of the main forms of leakage, porous leakage, adhesion leakage and power leakage.
Gap leakage
Engineering machinery hydraulic system, there are two main types of leakage, fixed seal (static joint surface) leakage and movement seal (dynamic joint surface) leakage. The sealing part mainly includes the junction of the hydraulic cylinder head and the cylinder. The movement sealing part mainly includes the hydraulic cylinder piston and cylinder inner wall, the piston rod and the cylinder cover guide sleeve. The size of the gap leakage and pressure, gap and other factors.
2. Porous Leakage
Various components of the hydraulic components in the cover, due to the impact of surface roughness between the two surfaces can not be completely in contact with the two surfaces do not contact the micro-depression, the formation of many cross-sectional shapes, sizes of voids, Size and surface roughness. Multi-gap leakage, the liquid flow through the bending of the many gaps in the sealing performance test done, subject to a certain holding time, leakage can be revealed.
3. Adhesive leakage
Viscous liquid and solid arms have a certain adhesion between the two contact, the solid surface adhesion of a thin layer of liquid, if the solid surface film is thick, the oil film will be due to mutual movement and be The sealing ring scraped off to produce adhesion leakage. The basic means for preventing adhesion leakage is to control the thickness of the liquid adhesive layer.
4. Power leakage
On the sealing surface of the rotating shaft, if there is traces of spiral processing, when the shaft rotates, the liquid flows under the action of the rotating force of the rotating shaft along the groove of the spiral mark. If the direction of the spiral marks coincides with the direction of rotation of the shaft drill machine, power leakage occurs due to the “pump oil” effect of the spiral traces. Power leakage is characterized by the shaft speed is higher, the greater the amount of leakage. To prevent power leakage, should be avoided in the sealing surface of the shaft seal ring and the existence of the “pump oil” role in the processing traces or the use of the principle of power leakage, the use of helical traces of pump oil, the leakage pump back to prevent leakage.
The cause of the leak
The causes of hydraulic system leakage are many and complex, this paper mainly from the seal leakage, working oil pollution, component manufacturing and assembly precision tolerance, oil temperature heat and pressure system, such as hydraulic pressure impact analysis.
(1) Seals: In the hydraulic cylinder, a mention of leakage will first consider the seal, because the seal is the most important hydraulic cylinder to prevent leakage of components. It is mainly YX-ring, the combination of seals, U-ring, V-ring, O-ring, grid to lap, such as Manchester closure. Which YX-type ring, the combination of seals, U-ring mainly by the pressure of the oil pressure generated under tension, so that the inner and outer lips open to achieve the seal, the inner and outer lip linear quality requirements are high; V Type ring, O-ring, lattice to the circle, Lancaster letters mainly rely on the amount of compression to seal. The physical and chemical properties of seals and other aspects of the quality of a direct impact on the quality of hydraulic cylinder products. Seal leakage of the main reasons are the following: ① seal quality problems. Seal material is inferior, and the manufacturing process and accuracy are not up to the requirements, as well as mold and trimming defects. ② seal selection unreasonable. The seals selected do not meet the requirements of working pressure, working speed and temperature, or the types of seals used properly. ③ installation of the seal groove design is not properly, the installation gap and the amount of compression selection is unreasonable; spouse pieces Straightening Machines of the processing accuracy and surface roughness does not meet the requirements; installation without protection and damage to the lips or foreign debris mixed; Temperature, humidity improper, by oxygen and ozone erosion and deterioration and so on. ④ bubble in the liquid seal lip, the bubble is compressed to the original size of a fraction. When the air bubbles reach the non-pressure side of the seal, they release energy quickly, damaging the sealing lip. On the other hand, when a gas containing a certain proportion of oil vapor is pressurized to a sufficiently high temperature, it spontaneously ignites and burns or melts the support ring and even locally burns and carbonizes the seal.
(2) oil pollution: including gas pollution, particle pollution, water pollution. ① gas pollution: Atmospheric pressure, hydraulic oil can dissolve about 10% of the air, in the hydraulic system under high pressure in the oil will dissolve more air or gas. Air in the oil to form bubbles, if the hydraulic support in the process of work in a very short period of time, the pressure between the high and low pressure will quickly change the bubble in the high-pressure side of the high-pressure side of the low-pressure side burst, if the hydraulic system components Surface pitting and damage, the hydraulic oil will be high-speed toward the surface of the device to accelerate the surface wear and tear, causing leakage, the cavitation caused by the corrosion effect known as cavitation. ② Particulate pollution: As the test bed is contaminated by particles, the probability of leakage is small, but in practice still exists. During the use of the hydraulic cylinder, the particles produced due to the above reasons are adhered to the sealing member, and some are adhered to the movable surface, scratching the sealing surface of the sealing member, resulting in failure of the sealing member and leakage of the hydraulic cylinder. This failure to remove the burr is not to clean, clean the various components, and then replace the sealing element can be ruled out; more serious and some will “pull cylinder”, the failure to remove more trouble; more serious can lead to cylinder scrapped . ③ water pollution: the working environment due to moisture and other factors, may make the water into the hydraulic system, water and hydraulic oil reaction, the formation of acidic substances and sludge, reduce the hydraulic oil lubrication performance, accelerate component wear, water can cause The valve stem of the control valve sticks, so that the control valve is difficult to operate, scratches seals, resulting in leakage.
(3) component manufacturing assembly precision tolerance: all hydraulic components and sealing components have strict dimensional tolerances, geometric tolerances and other requirements. If the tolerance in the manufacturing process, such as: the cylinder piston radius, seal groove depth or width of the seal ring hole size and size or due to processing problems caused by rounded, itself has burrs or pits, coating off, sealing Pieces will be deformed, scratched, crushed or pressure is not real phenomena such as the loss of its sealing function, will make the parts themselves have congenital leakage points in the assembly process or the use of leakage occurred. System assembly rough, the lack of vibration, vibration isolation measures; system overpressure, did not follow the provisions of the system timely inspection and wearing parts life expired but not timely replacement will cause system leakage.
(4) oil temperature is too high: hydraulic system work, to control the oil temperature, the temperature is too high, will produce the following phenomena: ① In most cases, when the oil temperature often exceeds 60 ℃, the oil viscosity greatly decreased, Not only make the oil film thinning, friction increases, wear intensified, and the ring expansion, aging, failure, resulting in hydraulic system leakage. According to the research shows that the oil temperature is increased by 10 ℃ each seal life will be halved. ② oil temperature increases, the volume expansion, the pressure increases, while the leakage increases with increasing pressure, so that the increase in leakage. ③ oil temperature so that the gap expansion and contraction changes. Generally with different parts of different materials, thermal expansion coefficient of different materials, when the oil temperature increases, the parts with the expansion and contraction due to different changes will make the gap with the change, when the gap becomes larger, resulting in increased leakage.
(5) the impact of the hydraulic system pressure: the hydraulic system due to frequent change in the higher pressure suddenly start the pump or close the valve and the cylinder block action will cause instantaneous peak pressure up to several times the working pressure, and sometimes enough to seal, Piping or other hydraulic components damage caused by leakage.
Control leakage measures
Leakage of the hydraulic system of construction machinery is the result of many aspects of the overall impact of the existing technology and materials, in order to fundamentally eliminate the hydraulic system leakage is very difficult to do. Only from the above factors affecting the hydraulic system leakage, take reasonable measures to minimize leakage of hydraulic systems.
(1) in the design and processing link to fully consider the important steel cutting machine factors affecting the sealing groove design and processing. The American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) recommends the following two solutions to prevent oil spills. ①SAE straight thread “O” ring oil port: Seal by “O” ring, connected by the straight thread; ② SAE4 bolt flange: for larger oil port. In addition, the choice of seals is also very important, the sealing surface roughness is usually static seal table Ra3.2 ~ Ra1.6, dynamic sealing surface Ra0.8 ~ Ra0.4. If you do not initially consider the full impact of the factors of leakage, it will bring incalculable future production losses.
(2) in the hydraulic oil pollution control, we should start from the source of pollution, strengthen the control of pollution sources, but also take effective filtering measures and regular oil quality inspection. In order to effectively cut off the external factors (water, dust, particles, etc.) on the hydraulic cylinder pollution, can add some protective measures.
(3) assembly aspects. Hydraulic system assembly, the components should be tested for pressure performance, check the combination of components with or without external leakage phenomenon, if there is leakage, you should take appropriate measures. Only when all components do not leak seepage can be formally installed into the system. Hydraulic components and hydraulic systems in the assembly, it is necessary to strictly clean, deburring, in addition to welding slag, and the necessary anti-corrosion treatment, in strict accordance with the assembly process requirements for assembly, to eliminate the gap caused by assembly distortion and burrs, And corrosion of the gap formed by abrasive.
(4) to reduce the hydraulic impact. ② the need for frequent commutation of the hydraulic system, as far as possible with a damper with the valve; ③ in the control valve in front of the accumulator set up, the system will be closed, Reduce the shock wave propagation distance, thereby slowing the impact of the hydraulic pressure; ④ increase the diameter of the pipeline to minimize the length of the pipe or rubber hose; ⑤ set the safety valve, the system pressure increases, the unloading effect can be reduced pressure shock. (5) the machine in the run-in period is prone to leakage, which is due to some casting, machining and other defects in the assembly debugging difficult to find, but because of the process of vibration, impact, this defect is exposed, it should be Attention to the run-in period of leakage, for early detection and timely treatment.
(6) from the technical point of view, foreign production is equipped with a test seal (rotary seal) leakage of the new sensor oil seal; and spindle integrated friction seal and labyrinth seal advantages of pneumatic seals have also come out; Component + V-type spring can be used for the pressure of 45MPa hydraulic system “Pan Seal” and other types of combination seal popular.

Tantalum Capacitor Reverse Voltage Introduction

Reverse voltage values ​​are based on tantalum capacitors at any time the highest voltage prevail. These limits are assumed to be tantalum capacitors polarized in most of their correct working life directions Drilling Machine for Sieve Plate. Their purpose is to cover a small portion of an impressive waveform of short-term reversal such as occurs during the switching transient polarity cnc for sale. Under what conditions a continuous reverse-applied voltage may appear, two similar capacitors should be used in conjunction with the negative-termination back-up configuration. In isolated pulse conditions or in the first few cycles custom cnc, the capacitance may be the full nominal value of the method.


Reverse voltage rating designed to cover the polarity of the small-level tour of the unique conditions of error. The referenced value is not intended to override successive reverse operations. Tantalum Capacitor Forming Voltage This is the voltage formed at the anode ***. The thickness of this layer is formed by a voltage proportional to a capacitor and a factor in setting the rated voltage. Tantalum capacitors reverse voltage is a strict limit, as follows: Maximum rated DC operating voltage of 10% at 1.0V at 25 ° C Maximum rated DC operating voltage of 3% at 0.5V to 85 ° C The maximum rated DC operating voltage is 1% at 0.1V 125 ° C

Co-forging – to raise the level of precision punch to seize the high-end market With more and more punching

Co-forging – to raise the level of precision punch to seize the high-end market With more and more stamping enterprises in Sichuan opened a new plant Angle Punching, the demand for precision punch will usher in a new peak. Has been in the stamping industry-leading IPM Punch Factory will, as always, the firm implementation of the punch to improve the accuracy and level of processing technology as the fundamental research and development strategy to Ming for quality and dedication to the quality of services CNC laser cutting, relying on independent strong punch research and development team to accelerate Punch upgrade, aimed at the stamping industry’s high-end market, and continuously enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the punch industry, grasp the good times of this booming development. After 12 years of continuous innovation, in the stamping industry has formed a good brand image, has become a leading enterprises in the stamping industry.

The IPM market is the secret of continuous punch technology improvements, through technological innovation strategy to gradually realize the technology to open up the market, innovation led the development of the goal. IPM through technological innovation, and constantly upgrade the high-speed press technology content and added value, formed its own brand and characteristics, so that enterprises out of the dilemma of low-cost competition; through continuous technological innovation, developed a new type CP precision punch, the Type precision punch press is in the introduction chamfer machine, absorption of foreign press technology, based on customer demand, based on three-round-oriented structure, combined with the reverse side of the load from the dynamic balance device developed. IPM with its unique brand, technology, strength to lead the development of domestic precision presses.

Easy Punch: Let Taiwan make the world proud In the Taiwan press industry

Easy Punch: Let Taiwan make the world proud In the Taiwan press industry, there have been ‘South Jinfeng, North Association easy’ argument, which ‘North Association Yi’ refers to the Association Yi Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘Association’). Founded in the early 20th century, 60 companies, with ‘SEYI’ brand, is now the world’s top ten professional stamping machine manufacturers. In this year’s twelfth China International Metal Forming Exhibition (MetalForm China2011), the Association for the first time debut. The magazine interviewed Ms. Guo Yahui, the chairman of the board, and Dr. Xu Jinhong, the project coordinator responsible for R \u0026 D. From them, we have learned about the development process and the future planning of the association for nearly half a century busbar machines. The development of cutting-edge technology to break the ‘foreign goods’ monopoly Association has been adhering to the founder of Mr. Guo Shengxiong the ‘advanced development, sustainable services’ approach to development. For a long time, the company attaches great importance to technology research and development, its investment ratio has been maintained at around 3% of turnover, the pursuit of cutting-edge technology to the development of cutting-edge products and research and development, manufacturing, quality management and other links, strict and high standards. Dr. Xu Jin-hong, said the Association of the technology, based on the market, stand the test. Association every year for the performance of existing presses for continuous improvement, innovation, to meet increasingly stringent requirements of customers. Dr. Xu said, ‘people-oriented, safety and environmental protection’ is always willing to pursue the Association for research and development purposes. Over the past 10 years, the Association easy CNC lathe how to improve the safety of the operator into a lot of practice, and developed a clutch, electronic control and other products, not only improve the performance of the machine, but also to ensure the safety of the operator , Making the whole operation more friendly, user-friendly. In May 2008, SAG series of products won the Taiwan boutique silver brand again; in May, SAG series products won the Taiwan boutique mark; in 2010, the SAG series of closed-type punch press access to Taiwan boutique logo, and selected gold medal selection; Quality award, these are the industry to give the Association of affirmative. Particularly worth mentioning is the Association of the latest research and development of new servo punch. According to reports, the Society in the servo punch on the R \u0026 D investment more than 10 years, capital investment more than 30% of total R \u0026 D costs. The introduction of the servo punch, quality and performance has been fully beyond the Japanese models, and lock the most advanced, highest difficulty, the most value-added molding market launch. Association of the new servo punch with complex, intelligent, sophisticated, energy saving, environmental protection five major advantages.

In a servo punch, you can achieve deep pumping, cutting, punching, bending, molding and other multi-channel processes, processing more efficient. In the current market, including Komatsu, Amada and Schuler, including punch manufacturers, have launched servo punch, and Komatsu cumulative sales of more than 1,000, the highest in the world. Dr. Xu believes that some foreign manufacturers of servo models are mostly used in the cutting tool machine servo motor is not suitable for use in the molding machine tool pipe welding machine, there are problems in the application, a large number of promotion have some difficulties. The Society of servo punch, in addition to motor and control systems and other key components are jointly developed with the Japanese manufacturers, the core components completely independent research and development, thus significantly reducing the cost, lower prices than foreign manufacturers 3-4 into a very With market competitiveness, which is expected to break the domination of foreign manufacturers in the past market situation, the Taiwan-made servo punch into the global market. It is reported that the Association in the completion of the first 200-ton new servo punch after the development of this year will enrich its product line, re-development of 110 tons to 400 tons of servo punch models. The future will achieve mass production mill drill machine, and strive in Japan, Europe and other countries of the 3C market and electronic market breakthrough.

Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry

Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry proposal Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry proposal In this case, With the globalization of economy and the development of modern information technology, the trend of globalization of manufacturing industry has been strengthened. Our punching machine must improve the ability of integrating and operating the global resources constantly CNC Drilling Machine. Precision punching the transformation and upgrading is to accelerate the strategic adjustment of the key to economic structure cnc machining. Manufacturing industry to speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading, and continuously enhance the quality and efficiency of development, effectively supporting China’s manufacturing power from manufacturing to power change. In this case, On the other hand, to grasp the direction of technological progress and innovation, and promote the healthy growth of strategic emerging industries.

Today’s technology development is an important trend in technology integration and collaborative innovation, precision punch press independent innovation must establish a number of technical cooperation and innovation of the new mechanism. For precision presses, the strategic emerging industries is an important engine manufacturing transformation and upgrading hole punching machine steel. Therefore, the future should choose the right technology routes, business lines and policy lines to nurture and guide the strategic new industries healthy and sustainable development.