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40 tons of punch machine broken several major reasons

1, overload fracture

Overload rupture assumes a force beyond the limits of the reason, in general, due to the switching of the four-bar deformation obtained clamping force, although the farewell four-bar length, deformation is not the same, as in a short time, , Or will be subjected to a clamping force well beyond their own consent 1/4, resulting in a card.

2, the temperature strain induced tensile
The high temperature strain may be too low likely to cause the rod to break if the four rods are not quarreling, for example: one long and three short, long rods, and then fast temperature due to thermal stress caused by high or low, In an uncertain state, will lead to broken rod.

3, composite materials caused by fracture strain

If the length of the mold and unyielding, bearing, height and rod length of the rod and other components of the fault is too large, when the connecting rod upright, uneven in both sides of the force. Then, a template, pendulum bending, in the twists and turns in the rod should be effective stress and tensile stress, easy to pull out the rod. This can lead to flashing of the product, and operators often run out of experience will further increase the clamping force, resulting in rod overload and die overload distortion.

4, instantaneous damage caused by stress

The toggle clamping force is instantaneously released, so the opening due to the vibration of the rigid rod vibrates, causing this part to fail; since all clamping parts (including the die) persist for a long time, the stress state can lead to premature fatigue inhibition.

The reason for the crankshaft bearing heat:

1, to review the smooth start of the situation, if the sets of bad scratch, poor lubrication, can also cause bearing heat, the need to complete the new lubrication and scraping copper tile work;

2, check lubrication is pure and simple, if it is out of the bearing oil, copper, oil shortage, will cause crankshaft bearing heat, this time should be discontinuous bearing cleaning;

3, track combustion, guide interval is too small, poor lubrication, poor communication, and then scratch the guide, change the gap, pay attention to lubrication;

4, when the operation is not combined or less than the ring elastic spring clutch lost health. Bond tightly linked, need to replace the spring, combined with the study of blank, scraping key.