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Co-forging – to raise the level of precision punch to seize the high-end market With more and more punching

Co-forging – to raise the level of precision punch to seize the high-end market With more and more stamping enterprises in Sichuan opened a new plant Angle Punching, the demand for precision punch will usher in a new peak. Has been in the stamping industry-leading IPM Punch Factory will, as always, the firm implementation of the punch to improve the accuracy and level of processing technology as the fundamental research and development strategy to Ming for quality and dedication to the quality of services CNC laser cutting, relying on independent strong punch research and development team to accelerate Punch upgrade, aimed at the stamping industry’s high-end market, and continuously enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the punch industry, grasp the good times of this booming development. After 12 years of continuous innovation, in the stamping industry has formed a good brand image, has become a leading enterprises in the stamping industry.

The IPM market is the secret of continuous punch technology improvements, through technological innovation strategy to gradually realize the technology to open up the market, innovation led the development of the goal. IPM through technological innovation, and constantly upgrade the high-speed press technology content and added value, formed its own brand and characteristics, so that enterprises out of the dilemma of low-cost competition; through continuous technological innovation, developed a new type CP precision punch, the Type precision punch press is in the introduction chamfer machine, absorption of foreign press technology, based on customer demand, based on three-round-oriented structure, combined with the reverse side of the load from the dynamic balance device developed. IPM with its unique brand, technology, strength to lead the development of domestic precision presses.

Easy Punch: Let Taiwan make the world proud In the Taiwan press industry

Easy Punch: Let Taiwan make the world proud In the Taiwan press industry, there have been ‘South Jinfeng, North Association easy’ argument, which ‘North Association Yi’ refers to the Association Yi Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘Association’). Founded in the early 20th century, 60 companies, with ‘SEYI’ brand, is now the world’s top ten professional stamping machine manufacturers. In this year’s twelfth China International Metal Forming Exhibition (MetalForm China2011), the Association for the first time debut. The magazine interviewed Ms. Guo Yahui, the chairman of the board, and Dr. Xu Jinhong, the project coordinator responsible for R \u0026 D. From them, we have learned about the development process and the future planning of the association for nearly half a century busbar machines. The development of cutting-edge technology to break the ‘foreign goods’ monopoly Association has been adhering to the founder of Mr. Guo Shengxiong the ‘advanced development, sustainable services’ approach to development. For a long time, the company attaches great importance to technology research and development, its investment ratio has been maintained at around 3% of turnover, the pursuit of cutting-edge technology to the development of cutting-edge products and research and development, manufacturing, quality management and other links, strict and high standards. Dr. Xu Jin-hong, said the Association of the technology, based on the market, stand the test. Association every year for the performance of existing presses for continuous improvement, innovation, to meet increasingly stringent requirements of customers. Dr. Xu said, ‘people-oriented, safety and environmental protection’ is always willing to pursue the Association for research and development purposes. Over the past 10 years, the Association easy CNC lathe how to improve the safety of the operator into a lot of practice, and developed a clutch, electronic control and other products, not only improve the performance of the machine, but also to ensure the safety of the operator , Making the whole operation more friendly, user-friendly. In May 2008, SAG series of products won the Taiwan boutique silver brand again; in May, SAG series products won the Taiwan boutique mark; in 2010, the SAG series of closed-type punch press access to Taiwan boutique logo, and selected gold medal selection; Quality award, these are the industry to give the Association of affirmative. Particularly worth mentioning is the Association of the latest research and development of new servo punch. According to reports, the Society in the servo punch on the R \u0026 D investment more than 10 years, capital investment more than 30% of total R \u0026 D costs. The introduction of the servo punch, quality and performance has been fully beyond the Japanese models, and lock the most advanced, highest difficulty, the most value-added molding market launch. Association of the new servo punch with complex, intelligent, sophisticated, energy saving, environmental protection five major advantages.

In a servo punch, you can achieve deep pumping, cutting, punching, bending, molding and other multi-channel processes, processing more efficient. In the current market, including Komatsu, Amada and Schuler, including punch manufacturers, have launched servo punch, and Komatsu cumulative sales of more than 1,000, the highest in the world. Dr. Xu believes that some foreign manufacturers of servo models are mostly used in the cutting tool machine servo motor is not suitable for use in the molding machine tool pipe welding machine, there are problems in the application, a large number of promotion have some difficulties. The Society of servo punch, in addition to motor and control systems and other key components are jointly developed with the Japanese manufacturers, the core components completely independent research and development, thus significantly reducing the cost, lower prices than foreign manufacturers 3-4 into a very With market competitiveness, which is expected to break the domination of foreign manufacturers in the past market situation, the Taiwan-made servo punch into the global market. It is reported that the Association in the completion of the first 200-ton new servo punch after the development of this year will enrich its product line, re-development of 110 tons to 400 tons of servo punch models. The future will achieve mass production mill drill machine, and strive in Japan, Europe and other countries of the 3C market and electronic market breakthrough.

Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry

Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry proposal Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry proposal In this case, With the globalization of economy and the development of modern information technology, the trend of globalization of manufacturing industry has been strengthened. Our punching machine must improve the ability of integrating and operating the global resources constantly CNC Drilling Machine. Precision punching the transformation and upgrading is to accelerate the strategic adjustment of the key to economic structure cnc machining. Manufacturing industry to speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading, and continuously enhance the quality and efficiency of development, effectively supporting China’s manufacturing power from manufacturing to power change. In this case, On the other hand, to grasp the direction of technological progress and innovation, and promote the healthy growth of strategic emerging industries.

Today’s technology development is an important trend in technology integration and collaborative innovation, precision punch press independent innovation must establish a number of technical cooperation and innovation of the new mechanism. For precision presses, the strategic emerging industries is an important engine manufacturing transformation and upgrading hole punching machine steel. Therefore, the future should choose the right technology routes, business lines and policy lines to nurture and guide the strategic new industries healthy and sustainable development.

Analysis of the three common punch failure Punch sometimes failure

Analysis of the three common punch failure Punch sometimes failure occurs, then cause these failures is the reason? 1. Hydraulic components selection is unreasonable. Boom cylinder specifications for the 70/40 non-standard series, seals are non-standard parts, high manufacturing costs and the replacement of inconvenience seals. Boom cylinder bore is small, is bound to make the system set the high pressure. 2. The hydraulic pump is badly worn. In the low-speed operation of the pump leakage serious; high-speed operation, the pump pressure increased slightly busbar bending machine, but the pump wear and internal leakage, volumetric efficiency decreased significantly, it is difficult to achieve rated pressure angle steel machine. Punch hydraulic pump for a long time and exacerbated the wear and tear, oil temperature rise, resulting in wear and tear of hydraulic components and seals of aging, damage, loss of sealing ability, hydraulic oil deterioration, and finally lead to failure angle punch. 3. Press system design unreasonable. Manipulator and full hydraulic steering gear for a single pump in series, the safety valve set pressure points 16MPa, while the rated working pressure of the hydraulic pump is 16MPa. Hydraulic pump is often full load or long time overload, and the system has a hydraulic impact, long-term non-oil, hydraulic oil contaminated, exacerbated hydraulic pump wear, resulting in hydraulic pump pump shell burst.

Customers of praise cnc drill machine

Punch, Maoming punch, precision punch independent research and development center IPM Press Factory is a professional manufacturer of Pneumatic Presses Roller Stand, Guangzhou Punch Presses and Guangzhou Longmen Punching Machines. We can design the throat depth according to the customers’ requirements. It is one of the largest punching machine sales enterprises in Guangzhou. The strength of the company is that the pneumatic punch presses are well received by the industry and major Customers of praise cnc drill machine. With the large and a large number of CNC machining equipment, the precision detection equipment, and a full set of physical and chemical facilities and other advanced quality control means to achieve the ERP big drill machine, PDM, CAM, and other enterprise information engineering, with rapid response to market demand resilience. Company production of high-quality presses, low-cost presses, IPM punch is your professional manufacturer of reliable presses, precision presses independent research and development center Maoming press equipment – IPM, For more information, please visit:

In the company of ‘quality first drill machine online

Punch, Pneumatic Press, Punch manufacturers election IPM Our factory is specialized in producing precision presses, pneumatic presses, sheet metal presses, forging press professional manufacturers. To the modernization of scientific and technological advantages, the formation of production, management, professional services as one of the production center. The company location and convenient transportation. To provide customers with a convenient! In the company of ‘quality first drill machine online, people-oriented, service striving for excellence’ business principles, strict internal management, and strengthen the workforce, the company equipped with advanced construction equipment, professional construction team. We will uphold the fine tradition, excellent corporate culture drill machine, and peer sincere cooperation, strong technical force, high-quality products, quality service busbar machine, welcomed the new and old customers visit.

high precision busbar machines

Punch, Chang Ping punch, trusted IPM company’s main products are forging presses, pneumatic presses and other punching equipment. Guangdong is well-known punch manufacturers buy drill machine, one of the punch is widely used in precision production of electronics, communications, computers, household appliances, auto parts, motor rotor and other small precision parts Stamping processing. One high-speed precision punching high precision, good results. IPM punch, it has high-speed, high precision busbar machines, intelligent control and so on. Welcome friends at home and abroad to visit the Guangdong Punch business guests and to visit our company to discuss the negotiations, Chang Ping Punch application, please click contact us, Guangdong Punch the first brand custom processing machine, trustworthy.

The main features of small precision punch

Small Precision Punch The series of punch press than the previous series of low punch, shape and reduce the pressure increased by 5 tons steel punching machine. The main features are: 1, the upper part of the rail enclosed in the framework of the length of the direction of constraints, high stability CNC H-Beam Drilling Machine. 2. Equipped with wedge iron to prevent jamming. 3. The use of sound insulation frame, inhibit the punching noise. 4. Remove the frame extension, the appearance of tidy.


Small precision punching machine The new series of machining center ‘MCF’ can be used for processing engineering machinery, ships, machine tools, aircraft parts, large-scale molds and so on, to adapt to a wide range, has the following characteristics: 1 high speed feed, lem / min; high-speed high precision GI control, cutting speed 8ra / min ,, ATC6s, high processing efficiency. 2? For large-scale mold to reverse the hole, 4-sided processing, such as precision is also high. 3? All components are designed to free combination of modules iron punching machine, changes in the rich. Movement of each axis: X axis 3m, 3.5m, 4m, Y axis l.?m, Z axis 1.2m, the number of tools: 60 ~ 240.

The hardness of the mold is damaged by large cold stamping work

Punching machine is used for sheet metal stamping universal press can achieve shear, punching, blanking, bending and shallow drawing forming cold stamping process. When the work of artificial feeding, while feeding device can be configured to achieve stand-alone automation. Its structural features are: the fuselage is made of high-strength cast iron copper busbar machine, single-plate pneumatic punch block friction clutch and brake joint smooth, wear small, trouble-free life is much higher than similar products CNC Drilling Machine. Slider with crush-type safety device, when the machine overload, the fuse was first crushed, so as to ensure that the machine is not damaged cnc ring machine.

Main functions and features: Universal forging equipment, suitable for a variety of sheet metal shear, blanking, punching, forming, bending, shallow drawing and other stamping process is the stamping of the industrial sector production of major equipment one. General punch press is under pressure, so the intensity of the action mode is quite large, but at the same time the hardness of the mold will be higher, the impact of force, the damage to the mold may be greater.

Pneumatic Press Factory, pneumatic punch fast and high precision reasons

Pneumatic Punch Factory, Pneumatic Punch fast and high precision reasons you know 1, claw: punch press speed, must be with the high-speed feed device, you can give full play to its efficient stamping performance, ideal and pliers with drilling filling device, if the feed rate is certainly not too high, I can choose high-speed roll Feeder. 2, Double oil machine: In the actual stamping process Punching machine Pneumatic punching machine for lubrication and cooling needs In continuous mode, then you need to add materials to the double-sided refueling equipment mold entrance, double oil machine is designed for the production of lubrication Device, which can even make the material of the pressure oil, can make the material is not easy to scratch stamping, stamping die can be better lubrication gantry welding machine.

Special Note: The double oil purifier is installed at the location of the stamping die material between the outlet and the inlet, not at the feeder. 3, the mold inspection detector: punch press speed, the card material due to fluctuations in the crowded arch in the feeder feed in the process, there is no timely prevention will damage the punch die, assembly tester death, it can monitor the above situation, Exists, the arch can be controlled by the wave fist immediately turn off to protect the stamping die. 4, waste suction machine: punch stamping process, can produce a large number of small pieces, if not timely emissions not only affect the health of plants bevelling machine, once placed in the mold, it can make the product defect, resulting in serious damage mold, Machine to absorb waste Angle Steel Punching Machine, the actual use, only need to manufacture and punch the wiring board landing funnel uniform and straw waste suction machine can be cleaned.