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The future co-ordinated forging press will be intelligent direction

Punching process in the production process is a traditional mechanical processing, saving materials and energy, high efficiency, the technical requirements of the operator is not high, through a variety of mold applications can be made by mechanical processing can not achieve these advantages of the product, so it The use of more and more widely, the future of the punch industry will be the direction of intelligent development. Machinery industry analysts pointed out: China’s punch press manufacturers of the basic characteristics of the punch there are two, one is rigid, which includes the longitudinal rigid – slider and table arch and rack elastic elongation; and lateral rigidity – eccentric The horizontal displacement of the slider under the influence of the load; the other is the movement characteristics of the slider drilling machinery, including the verticality, parallelism, straightness and so on, have a great impact on the accuracy of the product. The accuracy of the product is not only with the punch, and materials, molds, lubrication and so on, can not only consider a certain factor. In terms of the elements of the pneumatic punch, the accuracy of the thickness direction of the product is related to the longitudinal rigidity, while the deviation, bending or parallelism is related to the transverse rigidity and the characteristic of the motion curve.

So to improve these characteristics, product accuracy can be improved, die life extension, production stability can be improved. Mechanical presses are the most widely used crank presses in stamping, the slowest toggle press near the bottom dead center, and the slider speed starts to slow down above the bottom dead center and have high torque capacity Of the connecting rod punch. Pneumatic presses busbar bender, which were originally used for general purpose machines, were also developed with the aim of high precision and high performance Tapping Machine. Thus, an integral type gantry press was developed; a connecting rod type punching machine with AIDA connecting rod drive mechanism and low speed near the bottom dead point and SPM unaffected . All lubrication points and the friction parts, add enough oil. Turn the flywheel by hand, so that flywheel in the state with the clutch disengaged, idling a few laps. Carefully check whether the oil flow. Check the clutch mechanism and operating mechanism is normal. Adjust the nut on the plate to adjust the tightness of the V-belt. After the above preparatory work, turn the flywheel by hand, the clutch in the disengaged position, and then start the motor, hand control handle, empty several times. And then carefully check the pneumatic punch mold installation is accurate, solid, and ministries of operation, to confirm that everything is normal, can work. A press equipped with a foot device, a front panel of the electronic control box, and a stroke selection switch. According to the needs of the work, any set single or continuous working stroke. Pedal foot switch, you can operate.