Analysis of the three common punch failure Punch sometimes failure

Analysis of the three common punch failure Punch sometimes failure occurs, then cause these failures is the reason? 1. Hydraulic components selection is unreasonable. Boom cylinder specifications for the 70/40 non-standard series, seals are non-standard parts, high manufacturing costs and the replacement of inconvenience seals. Boom cylinder bore is small, is bound to make the system set the high pressure. 2. The hydraulic pump is badly worn. In the low-speed operation of the pump leakage serious; high-speed operation, the pump pressure increased slightly busbar bending machine, but the pump wear and internal leakage, volumetric efficiency decreased significantly, it is difficult to achieve rated pressure angle steel machine. Punch hydraulic pump for a long time and exacerbated the wear and tear, oil temperature rise, resulting in wear and tear of hydraulic components and seals of aging, damage, loss of sealing ability, hydraulic oil deterioration, and finally lead to failure angle punch. 3. Press system design unreasonable. Manipulator and full hydraulic steering gear for a single pump in series, the safety valve set pressure points 16MPa, while the rated working pressure of the hydraulic pump is 16MPa. Hydraulic pump is often full load or long time overload, and the system has a hydraulic impact, long-term non-oil, hydraulic oil contaminated, exacerbated hydraulic pump wear, resulting in hydraulic pump pump shell burst.

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