Co-forging – to raise the level of precision punch to seize the high-end market With more and more punching

Co-forging – to raise the level of precision punch to seize the high-end market With more and more stamping enterprises in Sichuan opened a new plant Angle Punching, the demand for precision punch will usher in a new peak. Has been in the stamping industry-leading IPM Punch Factory will, as always, the firm implementation of the punch to improve the accuracy and level of processing technology as the fundamental research and development strategy to Ming for quality and dedication to the quality of services CNC laser cutting, relying on independent strong punch research and development team to accelerate Punch upgrade, aimed at the stamping industry’s high-end market, and continuously enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the punch industry, grasp the good times of this booming development. After 12 years of continuous innovation, in the stamping industry has formed a good brand image, has become a leading enterprises in the stamping industry.

The IPM market is the secret of continuous punch technology improvements, through technological innovation strategy to gradually realize the technology to open up the market, innovation led the development of the goal. IPM through technological innovation, and constantly upgrade the high-speed press technology content and added value, formed its own brand and characteristics, so that enterprises out of the dilemma of low-cost competition; through continuous technological innovation, developed a new type CP precision punch, the Type precision punch press is in the introduction chamfer machine, absorption of foreign press technology, based on customer demand, based on three-round-oriented structure, combined with the reverse side of the load from the dynamic balance device developed. IPM with its unique brand, technology, strength to lead the development of domestic precision presses.

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