Easy Punch: Let Taiwan make the world proud In the Taiwan press industry

Easy Punch: Let Taiwan make the world proud In the Taiwan press industry, there have been ‘South Jinfeng, North Association easy’ argument, which ‘North Association Yi’ refers to the Association Yi Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘Association’). Founded in the early 20th century, 60 companies, with ‘SEYI’ brand, is now the world’s top ten professional stamping machine manufacturers. In this year’s twelfth China International Metal Forming Exhibition (MetalForm China2011), the Association for the first time debut. The magazine interviewed Ms. Guo Yahui, the chairman of the board, and Dr. Xu Jinhong, the project coordinator responsible for R \u0026 D. From them, we have learned about the development process and the future planning of the association for nearly half a century busbar machines. The development of cutting-edge technology to break the ‘foreign goods’ monopoly Association has been adhering to the founder of Mr. Guo Shengxiong the ‘advanced development, sustainable services’ approach to development. For a long time, the company attaches great importance to technology research and development, its investment ratio has been maintained at around 3% of turnover, the pursuit of cutting-edge technology to the development of cutting-edge products and research and development, manufacturing, quality management and other links, strict and high standards. Dr. Xu Jin-hong, said the Association of the technology, based on the market, stand the test. Association every year for the performance of existing presses for continuous improvement, innovation, to meet increasingly stringent requirements of customers. Dr. Xu said, ‘people-oriented, safety and environmental protection’ is always willing to pursue the Association for research and development purposes. Over the past 10 years, the Association easy CNC lathe how to improve the safety of the operator into a lot of practice, and developed a clutch, electronic control and other products, not only improve the performance of the machine, but also to ensure the safety of the operator , Making the whole operation more friendly, user-friendly. In May 2008, SAG series of products won the Taiwan boutique silver brand again; in May, SAG series products won the Taiwan boutique mark; in 2010, the SAG series of closed-type punch press access to Taiwan boutique logo, and selected gold medal selection; Quality award, these are the industry to give the Association of affirmative. Particularly worth mentioning is the Association of the latest research and development of new servo punch. According to reports, the Society in the servo punch on the R \u0026 D investment more than 10 years, capital investment more than 30% of total R \u0026 D costs. The introduction of the servo punch, quality and performance has been fully beyond the Japanese models, and lock the most advanced, highest difficulty, the most value-added molding market launch. Association of the new servo punch with complex, intelligent, sophisticated, energy saving, environmental protection five major advantages.

In a servo punch, you can achieve deep pumping, cutting, punching, bending, molding and other multi-channel processes, processing more efficient. In the current market, including Komatsu, Amada and Schuler, including punch manufacturers, have launched servo punch, and Komatsu cumulative sales of more than 1,000, the highest in the world. Dr. Xu believes that some foreign manufacturers of servo models are mostly used in the cutting tool machine servo motor is not suitable for use in the molding machine tool pipe welding machine, there are problems in the application, a large number of promotion have some difficulties. The Society of servo punch, in addition to motor and control systems and other key components are jointly developed with the Japanese manufacturers, the core components completely independent research and development, thus significantly reducing the cost, lower prices than foreign manufacturers 3-4 into a very With market competitiveness, which is expected to break the domination of foreign manufacturers in the past market situation, the Taiwan-made servo punch into the global market. It is reported that the Association in the completion of the first 200-ton new servo punch after the development of this year will enrich its product line, re-development of 110 tons to 400 tons of servo punch models. The future will achieve mass production mill drill machine, and strive in Japan, Europe and other countries of the 3C market and electronic market breakthrough.

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