Machine tool automation technology shoulder the heavy responsibility

Dull industry, “second five” bustling overall calculation announced today. “Plan” proposed the total output value of the machinery industry, industrial expansion value, the main business income in the “second five” 12 years to retain the annual average next to the goal. “Planning” also summed up the “Eleventh Five-Year” during the development of machinery industry won the obvious meritorious, and pointed out that the industry needs to develop valuable topics and conflicts: First, self-reliant change significantly tough, the second is the basic lag to limit the industry upgrade, Construction of the development of the slow development of the assigned industry, the four is the relatively poor development of property.

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s economy, various industries are in the mobilization strategy, in-depth improvement and upgrading. “Planning”, “demand” changes in the mechanical press industrial industrial upgrading of the request more direct and urgent. Mechanical industry transformation and upgrading of the industry is an essential trend, of which the ability to volunteer to assume the important task. Self-transformation of the slogan has been raised for a short time, but why there is no obvious improvement, the need for the root of the problem one by one to recognize.

Independent innovation is weak

As we all know, China’s automation technology started late, the development process to introduce more advanced technology-based frontiers, independent research and development less. This “brought” advice urged China’s independent innovation capability is getting worse. Many users because the atmosphere of the manipulation of foreign brands of products, simply do not want to be able to re-audit domestic brands, even if the domestic brands have low cost, good service all kinds of advantages, but the inherent concept makes it difficult to integrate To the industry. This can not survive the situation led to more domestic manufacturers to go weak innovation R & D, had to hold someone else’s technology Shouting. Similar to the vicious cycle of the yoke restricts the development of China’s automation technology, but also makes knowledge of industrial technology, the ability of independent innovation is weak.

Lagging behind the basic constraints of industry upgrading

The development of the mechanical press industry is a key measure of the degree of industrialization of a country, and the characteristics of China’s machinery industry to “big” industry and “old” industry-based, slow development and transformation and upgrading very difficult. With the slogan of the green industry, very few high-energy production industries have been transformed one by one, but the foundation of the lag still affects the industry to upgrade. To make the fast-changing high-energy-consuming industries is not easy, this needs from the technical development and industry adjustment in two ways. In the end, in terms of technology, China has a certain level of manipulation, many large and difficult projects in the international are famous. For the time being very subject In the concept of change, some companies do not specifically burden transformation and upgrading, to stay in the hands of the technology is not arbitrary.

The development of modern manufacturing services slow

The development of modern manufacturing services is a strategic requirement for the development from manufacturing to service manufacturing. It is also an important feature to speed up the independent innovation and layout adjustment of manufacturing industry. Many international brands are selling products to sell services, which undoubtedly pointed out to the Chinese companies favoritism. However, the modern manufacturing service industry is the platform and thing to provide the service of news action, but the machinery industry industry has not yet combined the informationization and the industrialization well in the reengineering, so that the development of China’s modern manufacturing service industry is far slower than the international On the pace of development. And its radiation to a number of boundaries, affecting the comprehensive development of the machinery industry.

Industrial development mode is extensive

Although the punch press green industry and sustainable development is the current government and enterprises are doubly the subject of the topic, but the development of the machinery industry is still in the extensive. Low capacity, high wear and tear, confusion, excess capacity of countless enterprises, industrial upgrading of the road is still very long. Rely on, treat the key industries and key enterprises to implement compliance treatment, to strengthen clean production technology research and development and filling applications, the implementation of cleaner production and cut production. Focusing on key industries and fields, the application of automation technology to develop circular economy and remanufacturing industry, the universalization of resources in the use of obedience.

At present, China’s mechanical press industry is still in the stage of rapid development, but the balance of transformation and upgrading and innovation and development as a need to be careful to discuss the issue. Automation industry in which to continue to strengthen its creation, try to instigate the development of China’s industry as a whole.

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