Pneumatic Press Factory, pneumatic punch fast and high precision reasons

Pneumatic Punch Factory, Pneumatic Punch fast and high precision reasons you know 1, claw: punch press speed, must be with the high-speed feed device, you can give full play to its efficient stamping performance, ideal and pliers with drilling filling device, if the feed rate is certainly not too high, I can choose high-speed roll Feeder. 2, Double oil machine: In the actual stamping process Punching machine Pneumatic punching machine for lubrication and cooling needs In continuous mode, then you need to add materials to the double-sided refueling equipment mold entrance, double oil machine is designed for the production of lubrication Device, which can even make the material of the pressure oil, can make the material is not easy to scratch stamping, stamping die can be better lubrication gantry welding machine.

Special Note: The double oil purifier is installed at the location of the stamping die material between the outlet and the inlet, not at the feeder. 3, the mold inspection detector: punch press speed, the card material due to fluctuations in the crowded arch in the feeder feed in the process, there is no timely prevention will damage the punch die, assembly tester death, it can monitor the above situation, Exists, the arch can be controlled by the wave fist immediately turn off to protect the stamping die. 4, waste suction machine: punch stamping process, can produce a large number of small pieces, if not timely emissions not only affect the health of plants bevelling machine, once placed in the mold, it can make the product defect, resulting in serious damage mold, Machine to absorb waste Angle Steel Punching Machine, the actual use, only need to manufacture and punch the wiring board landing funnel uniform and straw waste suction machine can be cleaned.

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