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ranges for local and common variables used in macros

 ranges for local and common variables used in macros are:

Input of zero


Negative input

-1047 to -10-29

Positive input

10-29 to 1047

An out-of-range in put, or an in valid out-of-range re sult of a cal cu la tion, will al ways re sult in an

alarm con di tion For ex am ple, alarm No111 is gen er ated on Fanuc 16/18/21 con trols, in case of

out-of-range value

Out-of-Range Values

If the row of as ter isks, for ex am ple, ********, ap pears in the vari able data dis play on the

con trol screen, it in di cates an out-of-range value, ei ther as an over flow or an un der flow value of the in put data or cal cu la Busway Press Clamp Machine tion This un wanted re sult is usu ally caused by an in cor rect for mula, typ –

ing er ror or some other cal cu hydraulic busbar cutter hole punching machine la tion in put

Def i ni tions of both over flow and un der flow con di tions can be eas ily de fined:

OVERFLOW value is defined

when the absolute value of the variable

is greater than 999999990

UNDERFLOW value is defined

when the absolute value of the variable

is less than 00000001

Cal cu la tor Analogy

Over flow and un der flow sit u a tions oc cur ring in macro ex e cu tion can be com pared to er rors

gen er ated by most sci en tific cal cu la tors For ex am ple, when at tempt ing to cal cu late the tan gent value of a ninety de gree an gle – entering TAN90 or 90TAN (tan gent of ninety de grees) will re –

sult in er ror (cor rect keyboarding is assumed)

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 8

Set Variable Name Function SETVN

On the some con trols, for ex am ple the Fanuc 15, com mon vari ables of the 500+ range can be

set to a com mon name, up to eight char ac ters long This is a very con ve nient re minder that these

are spe cial vari ables, usu ally per ma nent, and should not be tam pered with

The func tion avail able for this pur pose is called SETVN (Set Vari able Name), and can be used

with a sin gle vari able or a range of vari ables:


Variable name defined f