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Function Groups

Sev eral macro ex am ples have been pre sented in the pre vi ous chap ters In this chap ter, the sub –

ject of func tions will be cov ered in great de tail, in clud ing ex am ples of their us age

Fanuc CNC sys tem (in the macro mode) can per form many arith me tic, al ge braic, trig o no met –

ric, mis cel la neous, and log i cal cal cu la tions on ex ist ing vari ables, us ing var i ous for mula for mats and con ver sions For mac ros, the CNC pro gram mer has a com plete con trol In the def i ni tion for –

mat of vari ables, the ex pres sion at the right side of the equal sign (=) may con tain Busway Press Clamp Machine con stants and

var i ous com bined op er a tions There are some re stric tions and lim i ta tions men tioned through out

the hand book, but over all, the sub ject of func tions adds a very drilling steel pow er ful and de sired tool to macro


Macro func tions can be sep a rated into groups, to make their un der stand ing and us age eas ier to

learn When view ing the var i ous set tings of ac tive vari ables on the con trol dis play screen, it is not

un usual to see data with many lead ing and trail ing ze ros This ap pear ance is all part of the dis play

only – the ze ros are of ten not writ ten in the macro pro gram

In all ex am ples, the lead ing and trail ing ze ros are ig nored, un less they are spe cif i cally re quired

The avail able macro func tions can be di vided into six groups:


ARITHMETIC functions




ROUNDING functions




LOGICAL functions and operations


CONVERSION functions


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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 9

Definition of Variables Revisited

The lo cal vari ables can be de Hydraulic punching machines fined in the macro call G65 or G66, or in the main pro gram it self

The com mon vari ables can only be de fined in the body of the pro gram, ei ther in the main pro –

gram, or in the macro Typically, the vari able is de fined first, and used later,