Tantalum Capacitor Reverse Voltage Introduction

Reverse voltage values ​​are based on tantalum capacitors at any time the highest voltage prevail. These limits are assumed to be tantalum capacitors polarized in most of their correct working life directions Drilling Machine for Sieve Plate. Their purpose is to cover a small portion of an impressive waveform of short-term reversal such as occurs during the switching transient polarity cnc for sale. Under what conditions a continuous reverse-applied voltage may appear, two similar capacitors should be used in conjunction with the negative-termination back-up configuration. In isolated pulse conditions or in the first few cycles custom cnc, the capacitance may be the full nominal value of the method.


Reverse voltage rating designed to cover the polarity of the small-level tour of the unique conditions of error. The referenced value is not intended to override successive reverse operations. Tantalum Capacitor Forming Voltage This is the voltage formed at the anode ***. The thickness of this layer is formed by a voltage proportional to a capacitor and a factor in setting the rated voltage. Tantalum capacitors reverse voltage is a strict limit, as follows: Maximum rated DC operating voltage of 10% at 1.0V at 25 ° C Maximum rated DC operating voltage of 3% at 0.5V to 85 ° C The maximum rated DC operating voltage is 1% at 0.1V 125 ° C

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