The hardness of the mold is damaged by large cold stamping work

Punching machine is used for sheet metal stamping universal press can achieve shear, punching, blanking, bending and shallow drawing forming cold stamping process. When the work of artificial feeding, while feeding device can be configured to achieve stand-alone automation. Its structural features are: the fuselage is made of high-strength cast iron copper busbar machine, single-plate pneumatic punch block friction clutch and brake joint smooth, wear small, trouble-free life is much higher than similar products CNC Drilling Machine. Slider with crush-type safety device, when the machine overload, the fuse was first crushed, so as to ensure that the machine is not damaged cnc ring machine.

Main functions and features: Universal forging equipment, suitable for a variety of sheet metal shear, blanking, punching, forming, bending, shallow drawing and other stamping process is the stamping of the industrial sector production of major equipment one. General punch press is under pressure, so the intensity of the action mode is quite large, but at the same time the hardness of the mold will be higher, the impact of force, the damage to the mold may be greater.

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