The main features of small precision punch

Small Precision Punch The series of punch press than the previous series of low punch, shape and reduce the pressure increased by 5 tons steel punching machine. The main features are: 1, the upper part of the rail enclosed in the framework of the length of the direction of constraints, high stability CNC H-Beam Drilling Machine. 2. Equipped with wedge iron to prevent jamming. 3. The use of sound insulation frame, inhibit the punching noise. 4. Remove the frame extension, the appearance of tidy.


Small precision punching machine The new series of machining center ‘MCF’ can be used for processing engineering machinery, ships, machine tools, aircraft parts, large-scale molds and so on, to adapt to a wide range, has the following characteristics: 1 high speed feed, lem / min; high-speed high precision GI control, cutting speed 8ra / min ,, ATC6s, high processing efficiency. 2? For large-scale mold to reverse the hole, 4-sided processing, such as precision is also high. 3? All components are designed to free combination of modules iron punching machine, changes in the rich. Movement of each axis: X axis 3m, 3.5m, 4m, Y axis l.?m, Z axis 1.2m, the number of tools: 60 ~ 240.

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