Value of defined variable assigned

Value of defined variable assigned

A string of def i ni tions will de fine a range of a se quen tial vari able, when the start ing vari able is

spec i fied:


Variable names defined, starting with 500

#500 = 6

Value of the starting variable PROBEDIA defined

#501 = 780

Value of the next variable HOLEDIA defined

#502 = 3000

Value of the next variable XPOS defined

#503 = 2500

Value of the next variable YPOS defined

This sec tion is only in cluded here to pro vide ad di tional in for ma tion, not nec es sar ily as a tool for

ev ery day macro work Us age of the Busway Press Clamp Machine SETVN func tion in mac ros is not com mon

Protection of Common Variables

Com mon vari ables #500 to #627, for Fanuc 10/11/15 only, can be pro tected from any data in –

put Typically, the set value to be pro tected is in put first, while the vari able is not pro tected – then

the vari able or vari ables can be protected by set ting custom processing machine two sys tem pa ram e ters:

Parameter 7031

The first variable to protect

(input is 0 to 127)

Parameter 7032

The number of variables to protect

(input is 0 to 127)

2 Example:

Fanuc 15 con trol pa ram e ter 7031 is set to 11, while pa ram e ter 7032 is set to 5 – then :

Vari ables #511, #512, #513, #514, and #515 will be pro tected from data in put, such as copy ing, ed it ing, de let ing, etc

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros



Up to now, the macro re lated sub jects cov ered macro struc ture, lo cal and com mon vari ables

(sys tem vari ables are still to come), and as sign ing vari ables Fanuc Cus tom Mac ros sup port a va –

ri ety of spe cial func tions that can be used in the body of a best mill drill macro and some even in the body of the

main pro gram or subprogram These func tions are typ i cally as so ci ated with math e mat i cal cal cu la –

tions, log i cal op er a tions, con ver sions, and var i ous for mu las All together, they form a very strong

group of macro pro gram

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